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¡Las Niñas Eco-Explorers!

We're a Girl Scouts Cadette soon to be Senior Troop (8-10 grade) Troop

Note: In order to register your daughter to a Girl Scout Troop in any city or area of San Diego County, you need to first contact Girl Scouts San Diego.  Then, they (council) will help you locate a troop that fits to your needs. Contact membership: or
Call (619) 298-8391 for more info.
Thank you and Happy Scouting!
-Mrs. Lety, GS Troop 5344
Webmaster and Leader
♥ A Snapshot of Our Troop Activities Over the Past 9 Years ♥
GS Troop Awards, Investiture & Rededication...
Kindergarten: Daisies 2006-07                
1st, 2nd and 3rd grade: Brownies 2007-10

  4th & 5th grade: Juniors 2010-12                                   
6th & 7th grade: Cadettes 2012-13

GS Celebrations & Traditions...
 GS Projects & Sales!...

 GS Troop Fieldtrips...
GS Troop Celebrations...
♥ October 2012♥
Backyard Camp 2013
and Spring Camp coming soon!

 "Ours is a circle of friends united by ideals.
The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers."




in confidence, responsibility, values, individuality, and character.



♥ Children are like flowers, let them bloom by giving them your warm smiles, your gentle words and your air of confidence. You'll be amazed at your own garden.
Author: Unknown

Girl Scout Honor...

In Girl Scouts, our girls discover the fun, friendship, and power of GIRLS together.




Girl Scout Promise:

 The Girl Scout Law
1. Honest and fair,
2. Friendly and helpful,
3. Considerate and caring,
4. Courageous and strong, and
5. Responsible for what I say and do.

And to
6. Respect myself and others,
7. Respect authority,
8. Use resources wisely,
9. Make the world a better place,
10. Be a SISTER to every Girl Scout.

Our Troop Prayer

  We thank you God for our troop, and for all the girls and families who are touched by scouting.  Make us strong as we keep working together and helping other people as we do our service to You and our country.    Help us to remember to live by the Girl Scout Promise and Law.  Amen

Girl Scout Motto:

"Be Prepared"


The Girl Scout Slogan:

"Do a good turn daily"


Girl Scouts... Experiencias en un Mundo Real.  "Real World Experiences PSA (©2010)"

Girl Scout Sign, Handshake, and Friendship Circle...

 The Girl Scout sign is symbolic of the Promise

The girl holds up her right hand with the first three fingers extended - each finger stands for one part of the Promise - and the little finger held down by the thumb. She makes the sign whenever she says the Promise, at her investiture and when she gives the Girl Scout handshake.

 The handshake is given with her left hand as she makes the Girl Scout sign with her right hand.


Our Troop Info...

Troop Email

We are So Proud About Our Troop Service Projects!

2007-2008 #1 Coats and Cans for San Diego Food Bank

2008-2009 #2 Baby clothing and Cleaning supplies for Ronald McDonaldHouse

2009-2010 #3 Spectrum Kids~ Donation

2010-2011 #4 Pajama Donation for kids in Philippines!

2011-2012 #5 Troop's Camping/Sports Equipment.

2012-2013 #6 PajamaDonation for foster kids in San Diego!

Important Girl Scouting Days

October 31: JulietteLow's Birthday (also known as Founders Day).

Great time for GS troops to donate money to the JulietteLow World Friendship Fund

February 22: Thinking Day. This is the birthday of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell.

It’s a time for Scouts to think about one another aroundthe world. “Día del Pensamiento”

Our troop plans a ceremony for new GS to receive the WorldAssociation Pin!

March 12: GirlScout Birthday.

Girl Scout week! (GS Sunday-GS Shabbat)

April 22: Girl Scout Leader's Day! (A day to thank your leader...)


Las Niñas

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A Girl Scouts Leader Poem...

The Smile In One Girl's Eyes

Sometimes I get discouraged,

My time is not my own.

If I'm not going somewhere.

I'm always on the phone.

Reminding someone's mother,

Of a stray permission slip.

Whose loss would cause disaster,

To our upcoming field trip.

I'm dashing out to get supplies,

(I think I'm going nutty!)

Whose idea was this ?

Can we really do this craft?

And then there are the cookies-

On the chairs and on the floor.

My home has twice as many,

As the local grocery store.

Even when I'm sitting still,

my brain is overheating.

Searching for a game or song,

to liven up the meeting.

Just when I am exhausted,

Too tired to move again.

A small eruption at the door-

The girls are coming in!

I draw a breath on wonder,

and ask myself "Oh why?"

Then I'm almost toppled,

by a big bear hug...

The room is full of laughter,

and suddenly I see.

That I really cannot think,

of a better place to be.

Yes, I'm a Girl Scout Leader,

and I guess that's no surprise.

And everything I do is worth,

the smile in one girl's eyes.

Upcoming Events

Monday, Feb 11 at 6:00 AM - Wednesday, Mar 6 5:00 PM
Tuesday, Feb 11 at 6:00 AM - Thursday, Mar 5 5:00 PM

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