Chula Vista Girl Scouts Troop 5344

¡Las Niñas Eco-Explorers!


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You and your Girl Scout Uniform...

You DO NOT have to buy the entire Girl Scout Uniform!

ALL you need is your vest, and a pair of khaki pants, and a white shirt!

 1.     When you wear your uniform, you are telling others that you are PROUD to be a Girl Scout!

 2.     You should wear your Girl Scout Uniform with PRIDE & DIGNITY!


 Did you know?...
The way in which you wear your Girl Scout Uniform is very important to Girl Scouts all around the world! 

The way you wear your It, does tell others much about the way you feel about Girl Scouts!

The way you wear it, is as important to Girl Scouts as the way you behave and act while you are wearing it!

 If people see us in our Girl Scout uniforms, they immediately say or think to themselves, "That's a Girl Scout!"

If people see us in our Girl Scout Uniforms and we are polite and courteous to each other and others, they say or think to themselves, "There goes a Girl Scout!"

Take Pride In How You Look! 
You are a Girl Scout!

REMEMBER: You MAY wear your Girl Scout uniform to your school the day we have a meeting: FRIDAYS!